‘I Think I Love You’ By Mauro Buonarota -A Story Of Passion And Dedication! Most of us has a strong passion for something lying within and it grows day after day waiting for the moment it will finally come out and shine like a diamond. That’s the story of ‘I Think I Love You’, the new song co-written by Mauro Buonarota featuring IAGO which was just released May 1st. Mauro is an Italian songwriter who has been able to combine his passion for music and songwriting for years, with a standard job as employee, working hard every day to protect and feed his deep love for music. An employee by day and a songwriter by night, developing his natural talent in writing until his artistic skills had been discovered and recognized. So ‘I Think I Love You’ became a project and Mauro Buonarota started working with a team of highly established songwriters and producers and of course IAGO in order to tailor the song to the incredible vocals of an English artist. It was clear to all the people involved in the project that Mauro and IAGO spoke the same artistic language and the collaboration has been productive and exciting since the beginning. Mauro Buonarota created for IAGO a combination of lyric lines and a mix of old fashioned and fresh new sounds which make ‘I Think I Love You’ one of the most catchy pop/dance songs released in 2018. ‘I Think I Love You’ on its first day of release, reached the No.1 position on itunes Italian Charts and No.2 on itunes UK electronic charts. But that’s not all; the talent of Mauro Buonarota promptly grabbed the attention of superstar producers and songwriters including Phonat (Skrillex) Dom Capuano (Multi-platinum award producer) who decided to add their sounds to the song by producing their own remix versions of ‘I Think I Love You’. And that’s just the beginning! We are extremely impressed by the artistic talents of Mauro Buonarota and will support him as one of the most interesting rising songwriters of 2018. The diamond is finally shining brightly and we have only seen one of his countless sides; There are so many yet to be discovered…..go Mauro