This year, the new movie that has everyone talking is the soon to be released, Replicas.Of course, any new movie starring Keanu Reeves is bound to attract some serious attention, and this one is no exception. Alongside Alice Eve, Reeves explores the possibilities of life after death in a new technological era. Through advances with cloning and more, these characters grapple with the human element that is rarely seen in a new movie behind the scenes

With an exciting script that explores the boundaries of some of the most important questions we face as humans right now, Replicas reminds us of how far we’ve come—and how far we have to go—in understanding how technology has impacted our lives. From the behind the scenes interviews with Reeves and Eve, it’s clear that the entire production team worked together to create something truly magical with this movie. Anyone who watches the movie trailer will see that the characters are exciting, engaging and on the edge. Blending a futuristic style with some elements of an action film, Replicas will undoubtedly be appealing to fans who have followed Reeves since “The Matrix” trilogy. In this film, the stakes couldn’t be higher—and the very idea of consciousness is examined

Analyzing some of the themes set forth by Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” two centuries ago, Replicas sets up the premise of a man who cares deeply about his family. Reeves mentions that he enjoys the idea of this being a family-oriented film, but also that he relishes in the idea of moviegoers getting a nightmare here and there from the images and ideas that arise. Although it stars recognizable actors, Replicas is one of those movies made by people who engage with audiences and make them think. Don’t miss Replicas, in theaters, January 11th 2019.