Future Previews Nauti Lynn Heads to CES 2018 in Las Vegas
While Future Previews is known for getting that new movie behind the scenes look or that new movie trailer, here we look into the wonders of tomorrow’s technology. Reporter Nauti Lynn was on site for CES 2018, the convention to be at for seeing new consumer technologies and meeting with the innovators that are driving the future forward.

First up is Klipsch with Vlad Grodzinskiy to promote their Heritage HP3 headphones which produces a clean sound whether for mixing a new album or just listening to that new movie trailer online. The Heritiage HP3 also has an amplifier designed to improve on the crisp sound quality even more.

Nauti then heads to the Toyota Booth where Ron explains the magic of the new Toyota Concept-i. Looking like something out of Blade Runner’s new movie behind the scenes, both models of the Concept-i are designed with the elderly and immobile in mind.

Next up on Nauti’s tour is the Casio booth where Ryan talks up the new smart watch, the G-Shock Rangeman. The new watch boasts a GPS function and Bluetooth connectivity.
It’s then time for Nauti to talk to the 360Fly booth’s Larissa about their new 360 degree camera.

Samsung City is the last destination as Nauti takes a look with Theo at their new smart dashboards straight out of a sci-fi film.. The OLED displays help to navigate, play music, and even diagnose the car in real time. The dashboard’s crown jewel, however, is the new automated driving feature that allows you or your passengers to relax and maybe even catch up on a couple new movies on your road trip.

Whether checking out what new technologies are coming or seeing what new movies are on the way, Future Previews is the place to find out.