I had the honor of chatting with Michael Matteo Rossi about his upcoming thriller, Chase. I was also lucky enough to be in a few scenes and get the experience of a real live set! There is definitely nothing like it! Michael is known for his work on Misogynist, Sable and many more.

Chase is a cold calculated hitman who’s best friend and mentor Miles, looks at him like a golden racehorse. Things start to strain between the two once Chase’s girlfriend Blair begins to try to form a wedge and have Chase distance himself from Miles, who she sees just as a user Miles, being extremely cold himself, concocts a plan to keep Chase in line, but this results in absolute chaos for all the parties.

The film stars Damien Puckler, Aries Spears, Jessica Morris, Skye Townsend and Devanny Pinn, with Richard Riehle and introducing in his first film role, fitness icon Simeon Panda.

How did the idea of “Chase” come about?

Growing up I always loved a mix of action and crime films and wanted to incorporate a smart sleek story in the same vein of “The Professional” and “John Wick” and “Drive” where the audience really cares about the character but we also have some great stylistic action set pieces.

Was it difficult putting this cast together?

50 percent of directing is casting so I knew I had to take careful consideration in every role and the most difficult was casting the young child actor but we have a great one in Eli! The rest have been brilliant as well.

So far, what has been the best part and most difficult part of the production?

The best part is the overall team atmosphere and positivity and I love working with all my actors on set. The most stressful just like with all indie production is something last minute things that happen that make it a little stressful on us but it’s been going great so far! We have the technical aspect of it, and the talent, and when you merge those two, I really do feel like it’s a recipe for success.“Just keep writing, keep directing and keep meeting like-minded individuals. Don’t get brought down by the hate; if it’s your passion keep trucking away!” -Michael Matteo